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Zandak Says He's a Christian  

8278 PM: Zandak [Quote] -- 4:23pm -- Sat, Jan 24, 15 pst
You dumb fucking Muslim, I'm a christian you ass.

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babe talking about others  

7609   Babe   [Quote] -- 2:23pm -- Sat, Jan 24, 15 pst
Nice to know people talk about me though. I must be awful special!!

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Why Oppose Hillary?  

7080 PM: Gurjar [Quote] -- 10:58am -- Sat, Jan 24, 15 pst
...I merely oppose Hillary because I can't stand her screechy voice. And yes, she is ugly to boot.

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Trickle Down  

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The rightwingers in here have told us:

Global warming is a myth.

Birds are mammals.

Trees produce ozone.

The US covers most of the northern hemisphere.

There are no barns in Texas.

A square is not a rectangle.

There is no place on the planet where an earthquake hasn't happened. 

That the north pole is a land mass.

For some reason, I don't cotton too well to lectures from them about science.

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Earthquakes? In Miami?  

Pale: I'm calling you on your horseshit. You are not representing these claims to be the truth.

1320   PM:   Palerider   [Quote]     -- 12:01pm -- Fri, Jan 23, 15 pst
There isn't a place on the planet that Earthquakes haven't happened before 

1408   PM:   Palerider   [Quote]     -- 12:12pm -- Fri, Jan 23, 15 pst
. . . earthquakes run on geological time lines

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Networks Help out the GOP  

Pale: Did you know that the networks aimed their cameras at THEIR OWN employees at a GOP convention to try to trick viewers into thinking the GOP had more minority delegates? *S*

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We Need a Bigger Klown Kar!  

Bachmann , Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Jeb, Rubio, Perry, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Scott Walker!

We might need a bigger Klown Kar!

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Pale Afraid of Questions about Victor's Lying  

Pale: Calling me ''stupid'' doesn't change the fact that you're threatened by questions.

For instance --- did Victor tell the truth when he claimed Bill Clinton had TWO DRAFT numbers?

Pale is thinking, ''If I say, 'no,' then that's an admission that dosset is correct - Victor IS a liar. --- If I say 'yes,' dosset will then challenge me to show which two draft lotteries Clinton was in, and everyone will know that I'm a liar. Oh, fuck! Dosset has cornered me again!'' 

Pale demonstrates once again --- given a choice, he'll either ----

1) Admit to the truth --- Victor is a liar;
2) Lie for Victor and have everyone know PALE is a liar;
3) Dodge the question, and have everyone know Pale is a chickenshit

Pale chooses door # three.

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We're Against It  

''Hey, all that stuff Obama said? The stuff that you all approve of? Well, FUCK IT! We're against it!''

More people covered by health insurance? Fuck you; we're against it.

Higher wages? More accessible education? Fuck you! We're against it!

Less dependence on foreign oil? Jobs for Americans? Fuck you! We're against it!

Equal Pay for Women? Fuck you! We're against it!

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She Stands by Her Word  

5741 PM: Jajski [Quote] -- 12:28pm -- Tue, Jan 20, 15 pst
I'm willing to stand by what I say

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Obama on Yemen  

4968 PM: Palerider [Quote] -- 10:33am -- Tue, Jan 20, 15 pst
grrl lawyer he claimed it as an example of his successful security policy

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In Many Ways  

5024 PM: Palerider [Quote] -- 10:44am -- Tue, Jan 20, 15 pst
grrl lawyer no, you said one was greater than the other

No, that's not what she said.

4664 PM: Grrllawyer [Quote] -- 9:27am -- Tue, Jan 20, 15 pst
I think in many ways the religious right is a greater danger to the country than is radical Islam is.

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Zajak -- Tell Us in Your Own Words  

2538 PM: Zajak [Quote] -- 6:17pm -- Mon, Jan 19, 15 pst
. . . well tell us in your own words, take your time and explain it to us. thanks in advance.

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Misty Comes Unglued  

3257 PM: Mistysea [Quote] -- 6:53am -- Sun, Jan 18, 15 pst
Scout: Go fuck yourself you frustrated freak.

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parpus hates the pope  

3016   PM:   Prapius   [Quote]     -- 5:49am -- Sun, Jan 18, 15 pst

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Do Thugs Vett?  

354   PM:   Stockticker   [Quote]     -- 1:18pm -- Sat, Jan 17, 15 pst
Something you, of course, couldn't POSSIBLY know.......

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POL-INC Comes out of Closet  

8783 PM: Polinc -- Sun, Dec 11 10:24am PST -----
. . . I will gladly suck Islamic Cock too.... 

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Body Parts  

651   PM:   Celeste   [Quote]     -- 10:31am -- Fri, Jan 16, 15 pst
Namvet can't join in because he's a fuckin' fairy who wouldn't know what a spark plug was if someone shoved it up his well-used ass.

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Weed Can't Explain Pale's Posts  

Weed may be thinking, ''Damn, that tricky sumbitch dosset has done it to me again!''

''If I admit I can't understand Pale's gibberish, that proves dosset was right!''

''If I claim I CAN understand Pale's gibberish, dosset will challenge me to explain it, which I can't; and he'd prove ME to be a liar. Fucking tricky sumbitch; why did I ever lie to him in the first place He ALWAYS catches me.'' 

Weed: Please explain for us Pale's claim that ''the irony of the practice'' endures.

That is, if you can.

If you can't, then you prove me right.

If you claim you can, and you dance, then some will get the notion you're a liar.

Go for it. *S*  

The more Weed digs, the deeper his hole. *S*

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Weed Admits to Lying  

Weed's fucked either way, and he knows it. He either has to admit he LIED when he claimed he lied.

Or he has to admit he told the truth when he admitted to lying.


Oh, what a fucking web one weaves once one begins to lie. *S*

Weed: Did you lie when you admitted to telling lies about Veritas?

Or did you tell the truth when you admitted that you lied about Veritas?

          2723 PM: Weedhopper [Quote] -- 6:39am -- Tue, Apr 16, 13 PST
          . . . bearing false witness against your neighbors is a sin..

3542   PM:   Weedhopper   [Quote]     -- 8:48am -- Mon, Feb 3, 14 pst
Especially when, like yesterday, Veritas told some bald faced lies about me and hated it when I told the same kind of lies about him

3573   PM:   Weedhopper   [Quote]     -- 8:52am -- Mon, Feb 3, 14 pst
Yes, I did...I lied about Veritas being the author . . .

Yes, Weed admits to lying about the authorship of posts. I've never lied about the authorship of posts. Weed DID fuck up and reposted my typo as his own.

I know he didn't mean to do it, but he did. I guess he probably fucked up the same way I did. My touch pad is very sensitive and sometimes highlights and deletes words or lines without my realizing it before I hit the ''Chat'' button.

Typos happen; they're accidents.

But deliberately lying is no accident; and Weed admitted that's what he does.

3573   PM:   Weedhopper   [Quote]     -- 8:52am -- Mon, Feb 3, 14 pst
Yes, I did...I lied about Veritas being the author of your post, since he was lying about me being the author of your post

Just when we thought a moron couldn't be any more stupid.

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Prove a Negative  

405   PM:   Weedhopper   [Quote]     -- 9:41am -- Fri, Jan 16, 15 pst
Once we loved the flowers. Now we ask the price of the land
I've challenged you to show that you're not an imbecile

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Irony Endures  

317   PM:   Palerider   [Quote]     -- 9:22am -- Fri, Jan 16, 15 pst
Searing for the case the flag was not considered as just an object, it was
a symbol, imho the ruling was correct but the irony of the practice was
what what endured

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9723   PM:   Victor   [Quote]     -- 7:36am -- Fri, Jan 16, 15 pst
It's what superglue was originally developed for, actually....battlefield sutures.

Now for the truth: It was originally developed for the manufacture of clear plastic gun sights. Sheesh.

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8091   PM:   Shutime   [Quote]     -- 7:24pm -- Thu, Jan 15, 15 pst
......  I know you don't like this but quote me I think it is going to be Jeb vs Hillary and Jeb will win. . .

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I Call that Anecdote BULLSHIT  

7776   PM:   Stockticker   [Quote]     -- 6:07pm -- Thu, Jan 15, 15 pst

Liberals ARE Serial Liars AND Hypocrites!!!
the church bells ring for an hour each day and twice on sunday sunny..from the same chapel tower...

I've lived in a lot of areas of the states, Small towns and large cities....and I call that little anecdote BULLSHIT.

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Mary Admits He's an Apologist  

7732   PM:   Mrsdeluxe   [Quote]     -- 5:59pm -- Thu, Jan 15, 15 pst
stockticker is an angry, xenophobic, misogynist. I'm just an apologist.

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Hold Citizens Accountable?  

6749   PM:   Christians   [Quote]     -- 2:14pm -- Thu, Jan 15, 15 pst
Christians are Good
 The bottom line is that all citizens ought be held accountable for their actions.

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CaG Caught Lying  

6713   PM:   Christians   [Quote]     -- 2:03pm -- Thu, Jan 15, 15 pst
Christians are Good
 Sometimes you have.
[ quoted: Doss - CaG: Yes, I especially don`t recall the things that didn`t happen. ]

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Ignore Is for Pussies?  

4834   PM:   Devious   [Quote]     -- 1:22pm -- Sat, Mar 15, 14 pst
Doss and his asshole sidekick as you know are in my iggy

257 PM: Mistysea --Mon, Jul 1 4:38am PST -----
cowards put people in ignore and then talk about them.

 9125   PM:   Mistysea   [Quote]     -- 5:00am -- Sat, Jan 25, 14 pst
If everyone ignored veritas, maybe the little leg humping gnat would go away

7549   PM:   Mrsdeluxe   [Quote]     -- 9:18am -- Mon, Jul 29, 13 PST
I have the sperm burping gutter slut ignored.

7518 PM: Mistysea --Fri, Apr 15 9:13am PST -----
IGNORE is for people who can't defend their arguments

3230   PM:   Mrsdeluxe   [Quote]     -- 3:39pm -- Wed, Dec 21, 11 (1324499977) EST
Nope, don't see unless someone quotes him. I keep the worthless little bastard in ignore.

8446   PM:   Mistysea     -- Thu, Sep 23 12:19pm PST ----- 
*clink on the liar* why don't all of you ignore dosset -- he makes it up as he goes along. If you ignored him -- he wouldn't come back....isn't that our objective here?

4832   PM:   Griff73     -- Tue, Sep 7 5:57am PST ----- 
i don't have much respect for those that hide behind ignore..... 

BTW--- WHY do they ignore me?  Let's ask Phil:

298   PM:   Philinvegas     -- Fri, Jun 27 6:29am PST ----- 
.....posting facts in here doesn't work. You'll be ignored 

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